What do I need to do to be included on the Merck Adult Vaccination Locator?

  • Provide current valid NCPDP number and State Pharmacy License number for all pharmacy locations
  • Maintain a proper storage facility for the vaccines in accordance with the vaccines' labeling requirements, which include a refrigerator and freezer
  • Adhere to all applicable state or federal regulations for the administration and stocking of vaccines
  • Agree to make available all of Merck's adult vaccines
  • To the extent possible, adjudicate claims for third party payors, Medicare Part B, and Medicare
    Part D

For complete details, see the Terms and Conditions for Participation in the Merck Adult Vaccination Locator.

How do I begin?

Compile information on the following, which will be requested during the application process:

  • Store NCPDP Number
  • Store Pharmacy License numbers
    — Only one location is required. Multiple store entries are permitted
    — Be sure to include the exact license number, including leading zeros in your entries
  • State of Licensure for store
  • Address details, including store name and number, address, city, state, ZIP code, phone, and fax numbers
    — This information will be displayed for customers on the Locator
  • A store contact for each location
    — We'll e-mail each contact a link to register on MerckVaccines.com for resources to help get their location started vaccinating

  • Review and accept Terms and Conditions for Participation in the Merck Adult Vaccination Locator

VACC-1177347-0008 05/17